Monthly Pre-Made Meal Plans

Each month you'll be able to purchase a pre-made week-long meal plan for just $5!
This plan will have your lunches and dinners figured out for 5 days, Monday-Friday. The plan will serve 4 people, but you can adjust based on your needs - the recipe posts on Food Faith Fitness comes with a serving adjuster, so you can easily change it without having to do calculations yourself!

Each plan comes with an organized shopping list for the entire week, each recipe in printable form, as well as a calendar so you know what recipe to eat on each day!

If you want to learn how to meal plan yourself, and see how I meal plan, click the button below to purchase the entire meal planning tool kit - a how-to video, along with pre-made printable shopping lists and calendars.

  • December 2016

    Get access to December's weekly meal plan for just $5!

  • November 2016

    Get access to November's weekly meal plan for just $5!



Learn how to create your own healthy meal plans with this all-in-one package! The toolkit has EVERYTHING you need to create meal plans, and see how easy it is to do!